As we prepare to form a vision within our House Groups, I wanted to share some of my initial thoughts on this and the feedback I am already receiving and invite you in on the conversation of vision casting within your groups.

The people of God are at their best when they share a vision and work passionately and expectantly toward that vision. Prayerfully consider the vision God has for your life and your group.

I would like to focus on 4 key areas of possible visions:

  • Reaching & Releasing
  • Relating
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Multiplying

1. Reaching & Releasing

  • Invite someone outside of Church to your group
  • Learn how to share the Gospel message with others
  • Have everyone pursue, pray, and dialog over personal opportunities to share the love of Jesus
  • Serve a community partner and if already serving move to regularity in serving with your partnership
  • Live a radically generous life together

2. Relating- 

  • Contributions from each member in dialog with weekly topic/study
  • Formation of gender based triads every-other-week
  • Embrace transparency within the group
  • Serve on a ministry team together

3. Multiplying- 

  • Identify an apprentice
  • Share leadership roles with others in the group (facilitation, hosting, outreach coordinator, prayer captain, etc)
  • Release one or two families to start a new group – it is not dividing it is adding a limb to the family tree
  • Leave the group under new leadership & start a new one

4. Spiritual Formation-

  • Routinely ask, “What is God telling you to work on?” and “How can we help”
  • Going deeper in prayer time and trying new ways to pray
  • Dedicated prayer for each others spiritual journey
  • Routinely celebrate how God is working in everyone’s lives

My personal top four would be:

  1. Challenging every member to be wise stewards of relationship in reaching people far from God (being salt and light) possibly even starting a new group for people outside of church
  2. Forming triads/accountability groups for deeper spiritual transformation
  3. Multiplying (ties directly to both of the above in the micro level) -moving toward sending people out to start a new group or being sent out yourself as a leader of a new group.
  4. Embracing a lifestyle of generosity

What would your top 3-4 group visions be?

What other visions for your groups to pursue can you think of?