Part 2-

You have to have both lenses the power and purpose of the gospel.

Matthew 28:18- “there was some doubt in them”- what Jesus is saying there is make disciples who’s identity is in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

How will the world know we are His disciples?

Love for one another as brothers and sisters

Children of God

We are servants of Christ as we serve people out in the world showing Christ in a tangible way.

How did the Father send Jesus?

-by the Spirit

Who is the sending agent of the church?

-the Spirit

We are being sent with the presence of God so we can show the world and proclaim to the world the truth of the gospel. This is our missionary identity. To be lead by the Spirit is to be a missionary. To both show the power of the gospel and proclaim the gospel. When you submit to the Spirit you are saying I am worshipping God by saying you get to tell me what to do and empower me to do it and the Spirit will lead you to proclaim the gospel.

If you don’t serve Jesus by serving people out in the world Jesus says “I never knew you”. If you don’t speak the gospel and proclaim it and have the fruit of the Spirit coming out of you, “you are dead”.

We don’t do so we become we do because we are. Our being in Christ leads to our doing. We are teaching people don’t you know you are the children of Christ, love others, serve others, proclaim Christ.

The family of God always has had a purpose. The church is a family not a type of organizational structure. If God is our Father and we are His children we are family. It is important also to treat everyone as if they are family. Some people in the family don’t know dad so well or is estranged from Him for various reasons. Everyone is an image bearer.

It is God’s kindness that leads us to repentance.

We are a family of missionaries. Missionary is our whole goal and purpose. We all have been sent. We are all full-time paid missionaries. This is who we are- we don’t stop being.

We would radically re-orientate our lives as missionaries overseas. This is how we should live in the place we are in now. But we are a family of missionaries. We are not sent alone.

We are servants sent to serve the world. We avoid the people we think are too messy for us. We gravitate toward those we classify in our minds as most likely to become Christians.

We do not pick projects to serve. Be a servant. That’s who we are. We should be constantly looking for every opportunity to serve and lay down our lives. You have never not locked eyes with someone who is not an image bearer, however marred it might be, they are image bearers.

When you see people lay their lives down in some way tell them, that is what Jesus did. Start with the way they are imaging the Father and the Son. Don’t start with their sin, start with what they are already doing that reflects Christ.

We are a family of missionary servants and we are learners. Learners are a better word than disciple because of the context it brings with it. So often the church thinks disciple is showing up at church like a baby bird with your mouths open waiting for a pastor to feed you the food.

If we are out serving everyone being the missionaries when do we get fead. We have the word of God and the Spirit of the living God and each other to teach each other.

We are a family of missionary servants sent out learning about our culture learning how to make disciples as we learn to walk in the ways of Jesus. Let’s live out our identity!

What is the purpose of the gospel? That we make disciples formed by gospel. Are what we doing helping people live out the gospel so that day by day they more clearly display what God is like.

You cannot make a disciple outside of community.