SOMA Vision 2012 – The Glory of God

We were made to bring God glory in all things. We can’t do this. We need the hope of glory which is Christ in us. 1 Cor. 6- your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Our vision: that God would be glorified in all things through His Church.

Church is not something you squeeze into your life, church is who you are.

What would it look like if we lived as the church 24/7? All of life for the glory of God!

Jesus as head of His church would use His body to fill the city with His presence; Jesus working through every person so everywhere you go you will not get away from the presence of Jesus.

Goal of 1 Missional community per 1000 people for Tacoma.

2. Every MC move toward multiplication. Training up and sending out

3. Everyone experience people coming to faith in Jesus this year.

Equipping, training, and sending. City saturated, nation saturated.

Isaiah 6. We need a fresh vision for the glory of the Lord. The real king is not dead and nothing has changed around here. Jesus is still building His church. He can do it without us. The angels who are always in God’s presence never get tired of it. God is the standard who we should compare ourselves to not others.

There is no better vision to give your life to than to see God glory work through your messed up people to change the world. No one should have to convince you to tell people about Jesus you should be able to not contain yourself. “Here I am send me”!

We should ask what God has already done. Where have we seen the grace of God in our lives? Anytime you are arguing with the Holy Spirit you are not going to win. The more we come to see in ourselves how much we need forgiveness the more we can see this in others.

The glory of God is most profoundly seen in Jesus Christ.