World system and the evil one who is at work in the world.

…see the need for change

….clarify biblically why it is essential

3 qualifications

  1. Leaders go first
    1. We have to go first in convincing where the lord convinces us, so we need to do it and make it a lifestyle in our own lives
  1. Applies to more than implementing discipleship- evangelism, etc.
  2. Thinking we can reduce this to a formula

Romans 7:7-25 & 8:1-4

“But sin, seizing the opportunity afforded by the commandment, produced in me every kind of coveting. For apart from the law, sin was dead.”

The law reveals God’s character

The law cannot transform character

Paul humbly sees the vast gap between God’s will and his own failings- to see himself as he really is

Romans 7:25- “we need to turn to the right direction when frustrated that things are not changing both personally and in our groups.”

Why did Paul want to change so badly? What was at stake? He wanted to live for the glory of God. What motivated Paul was not just what it was doing to him but what it was doing to God and the advancement of His kingdom? He wanted to be used by God.

Moses- Deuteronomy- 

The people did not cross over because they did not trust God so Moses wrestles with how to motivate this new generation to cross over.

  1. Reminds the people of God’s will
  2. Anticipated the fears & cause of possible failure to obey
  3. He draws their attention to God & His ability to perform this through them
  4. Tips hat to practical outworking of obedience- reminds them it is the Lord who will cross over before them
  1. Transformational leaders first provide the biblical case for discipleship to their church.
  2. Transformational leaders point out to their group humbly and clearly (we have problems here)
  3. Transformational leaders now clearly state: God’s will for us is humanly impossible to perform! By His power we can!
  4. Leaders now describe the plan for change- wineskins or structures that facilitate concrete action and structures that are pointed at motivating people to live for His Kingdom

Venue for change: home group. Asks them to bring no guests for some of the meetings for deeper discipleship.

1st provide the biblical case for change- Heb 4:12; 1 Thess 2:13- transformational leaders first develop the biblical case to their church “this is what God calls on us to do in this area and we are to do it motivated to further His kingdom purpose.

  1. Importance of taking them to Gods perspective on the area needing change
  2. What is God’s perspective on discipleship? What passages for we draw on?


His word! Not the implication on my lifestyle and people’s lifestyles.

What motivates people?

For Paul it was Romans 6:10&13; the advancement of God’s Kingdom through discipleship

This is not about feeling more connected and having a friend. What needs to motivate is advancing God’s kingdom!

2. Both men humbly assessed their own performance motives against the Lord’s standard, and saw the vast gap between the two. Transformational leaders point out to their group clearly: “our church is not living this out as God wants us to and I have concerns about whether we are living for advancing His Kingdom or ours.”

a. What this step looks like: show from outside to inside that there are problems

  • Start with more obvious external symptoms. Qualification
  • Be honest about what that likely bodes for the health of the home group.
  • & then you need to speak to the possible underlying reasons this area is doing so poorly; Now speaking to what kingdom will people live to advance

But you must now broach what might be the REAL reasons people don’t have time, etc. Not enough time!-I don’t know how, I am not sure I want an open accountable relationship.

(spoke to his people working 60+ hours a week)

Graciously firmly speak to the underlying reasons why not doing well in this area

Takes personal one on one meeting.

If this is a biblical mandate we need to do it without excuses. We cannot say we are excused from this and career is a big barrier here as well as family time due to spending too much time in career or family idolatry.

P.D. Tripp “A Quest for More” (New Growth Press, Greensboro: 2008) p.44.

b. Importance of pointing our where the church failing in this area & speaking to underlying reasons.  You want them to see the gap and feel the tension.

c. We must explicitly tie this step into God’s grace- point to scriptures and current day weaknesses in your own life, own sins, own idolatry make it difficult to do discipleship. Then quickly lead them to the grace of God.

Transformational leaders now clearly state: 1) that although God’s will for us is humanly impossible to perform. By His power, we can!

  • We must speak to motives and that God changes motives. Phil. 3:12-21
  • We need to provide examples
  • Unroll the plan in your group

Two priorities are: where there existing relationships (same gender) and multiplication.

(Ministry chart to track relationships in “home groups”).

Need to also develop the next line of leaders. Leaders need to raise up new leaders.