As we enter into the fall season of ministry within House Groups. I would like to challenge you as leaders to think about the people within your group and the vision that best fits your group in this next season of ministry. Several important questions come to mind in contemplating this:

What are the next steps people need to take toward God within my group? Is authentic transformation occurring within my group? Does my group exist merely for itself and its own purposes or for others? Is my group “doing life together”- and if so, what does this look like, is it a full biblical definition of what this means? Are group members living on mission in every aspect of their lives? Are group members growing? Together do we pray for, encourage, and challenge each other to be more like Christ?

The people of God are at their best when they share a vision and work passionately and expectantly toward that vision. Prayerfully consider the vision God has for your life and your group.

I would like to focus on 4 key areas of possible visions and challenge you to choose one for your group that best fits this season of ministry:

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Reaching & Releasing
  • Relating
  • Multiplying

1.  Spiritual Formation-

  • Routinely ask, “What is God telling you to work on?” and “How can we help”
  • Going deeper in prayer time and trying new ways to pray
  • Dedicated prayer for each others spiritual journey
  • Routinely celebrate how God is working in everyone’s lives

2. Reaching & Releasing

  • Invite someone outside of Church to your group
  • Learn how to share the Gospel message with others
  • Have everyone pursue, pray, and dialog over personal opportunities to share the love of Jesus
  • Serve a community partner and if already serving move to regularity in serving with your partnership
  • Live a radically generous life together

3. Relating- 

  • Contributions from each member in dialog with weekly topic/study
  • Formation of separate mens and womens gatherings every-other-week
  • Embrace transparency within the group
  • Serve on a ministry team together

4. Multiplying- 

  • Identify an apprentice
  • Share leadership roles with others in the group (facilitation, hosting, outreach coordinator, prayer captain, etc)
  • Release one or two families to start a new group – it is not dividing it is adding a limb to the family tree
  • Leave the group under new leadership & start a new one