Some good thoughts and reminders for House Group Leaders as we prepare for the summer.


Summer Small Groups

Summer is coming and it’s time to get our groups ready.  Do we keep meeting or take a break?  Do we do the same thing as always, or play it low-key?  If we keep meeting, will anyone show up?

Here’s some observations to help you wade through the decisions.

  1. Keep meeting unless there is a reason not to.  If everyone is available and interested, keep meeting like you normally would.  Groups are made-up of relationships.  Relationships shouldn’t stop with season changes.  I suggest projecting a tentative schedule, asking members to forecast their availability, and make cancellations to the schedule based on what you hear back. This could consist of a once a month meeting or meeting every two weeks. See what works best for your group and your own leadership rhythms as well.
  2. Serve as a group. Even if the entire group cannot make it there are numerous…

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