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How apologetics can fruitfully intersect in our lives

What roles should verbal apologetics play?

  1. Apologetics are important for strengthening the faith of Christians- 3-legged stool 1 leg is biblical promises (nourishment) 1 leg steps of faith (doers of the Word)- Objective evidence that the God of our Faith is actually true!
    1. The vast majority of people do not come to faith as a result of apologetics
    2. Most people come to faith with many of these legs not very strong- you realize you need to have evidence that some of this is true- what we do to strengthen our faith
    3. The role is to help people who already believe- (Matt. 11) (Luke 24) (Luke 1:1-4) (1 Cor. 15) ( 2 Peter 1:16-18)
    4. Should build apologetics content into our core grounding classes
    5. As disciplers- we should capitalize on real time questions & doubt that emerge
    6. If you are one who teaches a bible study or expository Bible teaching –you should be sprinkling into your teachings that have apologetical content- one question to ask- what needs to be defended in the passage? You then create a culture of growing confidence and arming /strengthening faith
    7. Apologetical series


  1. Apologetics help us in our evangelism-
  1. Combat knowledge of Scripture- we can have a combat knowledge of apologetics
  2. Apologetics can help overcome the perception that Christians are ignorant fideists
  3. Can remove specific intellectual barriers to faith- the idea that you have to be a young earth creationist and that is what the Bible says
  4. Can help them envision themselves as Christians
  5. Needs to be done with gentleness
  6. Most people don’t know what they believe
  7. Helps them expose problems in their belief system (taking the roof off- Francis Schaeffer)
    1. These are Pre-evangelistic helps
  8. It is the Gospel that has the power to save someone
  9. We need to subordinate apologetics to the Gospel
  10. Lead with the Gospel and respond to specific objections that they make- when you lead with apologetics you don’t get as far usually- lead with explaining who Christ is and what He did
  11. Whenever possible use apologetic response that includes the Gospel.
  12. After responding to objections return to the Gospel message- to Christ- the average person has to hear the message of Christ 7 times before responding to it


  1. Lifestyle apologetics works in conjunction with verbal apologetics
    1. Love visible to antagonistic non-Christians (Matt 5:16; 43-45; Rom. 12:14; 17-21; Titus 2:5,8,10)
      • We have to choose to pray for those who consider us wicked and show love to them
      • 1 Peter 2:12-
      • 1 Peter 3:16-
      • Ajith Fernando- Reclaiming Faith
    2. Costly commitment to Christian community