The battle is a worldview conflict- materialism vs theism

Which way does Science point? Toward God or atheism

It is so easy to say that science is limited – the pressure is on to think that science is the only way to truth

Three major areas that show science point to God

  1. Very close connection between belief in God and the impetus to do science – the early scientists were Christians who understood laws were there because there is a lawgiver
    1. Young people are told they must choose science or God (Dawkins- the God delusion)
    2. Atheism is escapism- if there is no God Freud gives a good explanation that either God or Atheism is escapism you must decide which way you believe
    3. The first problem is they don’t understand God
      1. There is a vast difference between the gods of the ancients and the God of the Bible- the God of the Bible created the universe
      2. They think of God as a God of the gaps- because we cant explain it- God must have done it- the God of the Bible is the God of what we can explain and what we cant explain- not the God of the gaps-
        1. the more Newton understood Science the more he believed in God

What do we mean by explanation- science explains

  1. God is an explanation but He is not the same kind of explanation science is- (one shows how it works the other explains how it came to being)
    1. (example of an engine and explaining its existence by Henry Ford and science-both explain it)
    2. the question who created the creator?- who created x- this assumes x was created- but what if He wasn’t the question is irrelevant- God is not created He is eternal
    3. You could ask –who created your creator- something is eternal (uncaused cause agent)
    4. The new atheists have redefined faith as a blind belief- Christianity is evidence based- yet faith is essential in science- you have to believe that the human mind is sufficient to do science
    5. Chief objection to atheism is not that it does not believe in God but that it is anti-science (Thomas Nagle of New York)- (where the problem really lies –book)
    6. Contrast the biblical reason why science works- the most incomprehensible thing about the universe if that it is comprehensible
    7. Atheism is Reductionism- bottom up explanations (God’s undertaker- John Lennox)
    8. (see-dueling professors- youtube)