Finding reasons outside the Bible of why we can trust the Bible

We live in a world that says question everything

Ways we can know what we know is true:

6 different faith paths

Differing approaches people use to decide where to place their faith in

Most popular faith path is the relativistic faith path- truth is whatever you make it– it is personal- coexist-

  1. How does this work in everyday life

i.     investing in stocks (one that is performing poorly just because you believe in it)
ii.     driving- deciding the 101 sign on the side of the highway is the speed-limit- tell the officer and tell him you are a relativistic highway driver
iii.     school- what happens on finals day when you put your truth instead of the teachers truth on a test? (F)

Get them to think in terms of reality and that beliefs don’t change what is real

Truth is what you’ve always been taught- traditional path – faith as a tradition

  • Natural place to start but not the place to stay- have to own it for your own
  • How do I know- where is the information?
  • 1 Peter 3:15- (apologia)
  • In this argument you say…I was a ____ but how do I know they weren’t wrong?
  • Which of your relatives do you want to entrust your eternity to?
  • Traditions are only as good as they are true

Truth is what you’ve been told to believe- authoritarian faith path

  • Presented with power, introduced to it, read a book, meet a prophet and they say this is true and you will believe it (and this does enter into Christianity) this is true of Islam- you accept this or enter into peril- word Islam means submit or submission- death penalty for leaving the Islamic faith
  • 1 Thess. 5:21
  • Have you chosen an authority to trust who has credentials?- those who have the credentials to backup what they believe….compare the credentials of Mohammad to Jesus- Mohammad needed a savior Jesus is the Savior- Mohammad died- Jesus died and rose from the dead
  • Scrutinize the message itself- does it hold up?

Truth is what you feel in your heart- this is the Intuitive path

  • “My Jesus” mentality vs. the real Jesus
  • God does give us intuitive senses sometimes
  • Spiritual gifts in the church “discernment” which is intuitive
  • You should pay attention to “flashing yellow lights” –look for evidence- check it out
  • Solomon- there is a way that seems right to a man but in the end leads to death

Truth is what you THINK God told you- mystical path

  • Mormon’s use this as a defense for their faith- all based on a mystical experience
  • God still speaks today and he leads us and speaks in many ways
  • Test all things and hold fast to that which is not true
  • Galatians- even if an angel from heaven comes and gives you a different gospel let them be a curse other from the gospel you received today
  • Feel does not necessarily equal real
  • Real does not necessarily equal good- Wicca- Astrology
  • Do not believe every spirit but test the sprits to see if its from God

Truth is what logic and evidence point to- logical path

  • We are created in the image of a logical God
  • People who don’t believe in logic uses logic and people who don’t believe in reason use reason- they use it to try to argue against it
  • You make a logical choice based on the evidence
  • Who do you want on your jury if you were on trial?

Points of evidence for the 6th path- (arrows of truth)

  • Design points to an intelligent designer- the heavens declare the glory of God- watch needs a watchmaker
  • Fine tuning points to an intentional intelligent fine tuner- there are about 50 constants- areas in the universe that has to be where they are to support life as it is- each one is independent of the other- Hoyle (physicist)-Robert Collins- 10 followed by 53 0’s probability of it being right where it is
  • Information encoded into DNA points toward a creator- intelligent design-Francis Collins- 31 years at 3 levels a second- information in one cell printed would be height of Washington monument
  • The beginning of the universe shows a design originator
  • “If there was a big band there must be a big banger”- JP Moreland
  • The Bible is a uniquely consistent book written by different authors but showing the same
  • The Bible is a Uniquely historical book- rooted in history- verified by history
  • The Bible is uniquely preserved- translated from original manuscripts- original copies 35 years later found over 5800 copies found throughout history- an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the evidence we hold today
  • Archeology shows the bible to be powerfully verifiable book
    • All pointing to the truth- there is a God and that God came down to be one of use and then stretched out His arms to die for our sins- the Gospel message- and that salvation is available to all of us!