Have you ever felt like your talents and abilities have been overlooked by those around you? Have you gone from being known and recognized to a new environment where nobody knows who you really are—or seems to take the time to find out? If you are in a season of your life where you feel as your potential is hidden and your calling has been put on hold, then Anonymous by Alicia Britt was written for you.

Anonymous reminds readers that even when we feel unproductive and unnoticed, God doesn’t waste anyone’s time. The winter seasons of our lives — when we bear no fruit and are stripped of our accomplishments and accolades — are in fact a part of the process of preparation for our calling. These times are an opportunity to strengthen our foundations, a chance to observe ourselves and find out who we really are. Most often, they are an opportunity to grow in humility.

“His hidden years granted him the space to make peace with God’s pace… Surrendering to hidden years enabled Jesus to desire, above all, God’s company and not be distracted by life’s scenery.”

To drive her point home, Alicia carries the reader through the story of Jesus’ life. I love when a writer has the gift of sharing a new perspective on a familiar story. This book sheds new light on how the temptations and unwritten trials of Jesus’ hidden years prepared him for the three years of his life that he spent in the public eye.

This is a book that beautifully articulates the pain, the struggles, and ultimately, the growth and glory of our hidden years. I would recommend this book to anybody who has a calling on their life who is going through a discouraging time. Anonymous will uplift you and remind you that there is a purpose in every trial — and God doesn’t waste anyone’s time.

In these hidden seasons, we are more familiar with being invisible than acclaimed. Concealed for months or years or decades, our potential seems to hibernate like a bear in winter, and over time we begin to wonder if spring will ever awaken it again.

Hidden hopes. Hidden dreams. Hidden gifts. All of us are acquainted with chapters in our life when our visible fruitfulness is pruned back, our previously praiseworthy strengths become dormant, and our abilities are unnoticed by the watching world. Like a flower whose budding glory is covered up by wet leaves, we sense the weight of hiddenness in our hearts and whisper, ‘I have so much more to give and be.’

But there is One who can see the beauty of that covered, smothered flower: God himself.