Finding Your Way Back to God: Five Awakenings to Your New Life

“God, if you’re real, make yourself real to me.”

Each of us spends our lives on a journey toward God. Yet often our most deeply felt longings-for meaning, for love, for significance-end up leading us away from, instead of toward, our Creator and the person he made us to be.

Finding Your Way Back to God shows you how to understand and listen to the longings in a whole new way. It’s about waking up to who you really are and daring to believe that God wants to be found even more than you want to find him. It’s about making the biggest wager of your life as you ask God to make himself known to you. And it’s about watching what happens next.


“Finding Your Way Back to God” by Dave Ferguson & Jon Ferguson, has the potential to change your life and the lives of others you know! This book is a great resource and very impactful. As a pastor who is on my continuing journey of finding my way back to God, I never get tired of seeing and hearing stories of people finding their way back to God. Ferguson tells several real life stories of this happening in people’s lives time and time again. Each time it’s hard not to get emotional about a God who loves us this much and the grace He freely extends to us.

The book reminds me a bit of Tim Keller’s “Prodigal God” book combined with C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” but written in a manner that is more accessible and easy to read. I hungrily read through most of the book in one evening excited to hear more and more of God’s work in our lives.

It’s strange how people are capable of forgetting who they are.(p.9)

Ferguson takes the reader through 5 “awakening” as he calls them based on the story of the “prodigal son” in Luke 15. Regardless of where you are with God, this story will resonate with you deeply. It is your story. My story. It is all our stories.

Not only is the longing to find God a universal experience, but there is also a universal pattern for what a journey in his direction looks like.

These awakenings are:

  1. Awakening to longing: there’s got to be more
  2. Awakening to regret: I wish I could start over
  3. Awakening to help: I can’t do this on my own
  4. Awakening to love: God loves me deeply after all
  5. Awakening to life: Now this is living!

Throughout each awakening is a prayer that builds with each awakening. It starts off with a wager that if someone sincerely says this prayer they will find God. The prayer begins simply:

God, if you are real make yourself real to me. (p.17)

After taking the reader through all five awakenings it ends with a focus on three vital relationships that God has wired us for during the final awakening. These are:

  • Your relationship with God
  • Your relationship with others
  • Your relationship with the world

Ferguson does well at unpacking these three vital relationships, their role in our lives and how to live them out.

Readers are encouraged to engage in the 30-day wager journal that is found in the back of the book that includes three sections:

  • Think
  • Journal
  • Pray

Pick up a copy of this book for yourself and for someone you love who is also on their journey of finding their way back to God. Finding Your Way Back to God: Five Awakenings to Your New Life

There is a 5-day reading plan available on YouVersion or to go along with this book you can find here.

“I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.”