For many reading the Old Testament can be difficult and if can often be confusing where to start. Do you start at the beginning? Skip around a bit? One of the challenges to reading the Old Testament is understanding the type of style in which it is written (more on this topic below). To get started here is a Chronological sampling of the Old Testament with a focus on key events from Creation to the last of the Minor Prophets.

Chronological Bible Reading Plan

Like mentioned above, one of the difficulties in reading the Old Testament is in understanding the literary style in which it is written. This is important to how one should read it. For instance the books of “history” read very different than the books of poetry of prophecy. The reading plan in the link below is Old Testament only and is written to have Saturdays and Sundays off but still allows the reader to complete the entirety of the Old Testament one year.


In the link below is a ‘FULL Bible Genres Reading Plan.” This Bible reading plan integrates in both the Old Testament and New Testament categorizing it by literary genre. This is very helpful in understanding how sections of the New Testament can be read like sections of the Old Testament. Overall, I recommend reading through these with a NIV Study Bible. This has been a valuable resource by many and gives key insights into the text as you read to enhance the readers understanding.