Breakout Session 2: Flipping the classroom- Using Technology to Train Leaders

Daniel IM

By flipping the classroom you will have more time to do what you need to do. What are the things only I can uniquely do?

The things you are weak at someone else is strong at.

  • Time
  • Scheduling
  • Repetition
  • Attendance
  • Lack of resources

4 ways to flip the classroom:

  1. Flip your training events- ongoing training
    • We usually do an event, teach, give materials to take home. We teach the way we have been taught. And lead the way we have been led
    • When you send an invite out send a link. Video what you would teach in a 30-minutes seminar you can teach in 10 minutes. After video brief assignment one thought about how you can apply this. Low barrier easy to answer question.
    • If you know you didn’t do the homework you are less likely to attend.
    • Figure out how to do something in 20 minutes and let them present it. They are Now teaching each other. Do a feedback forum after flipped and you will get a higher rate of retention and implementation.
    • It doesn’t take more time, it just looks different.

Whenever you do a training there is something about the topic you already know. The trick of the trainer is draw this out otherwise you will not retain it. Draw it out so they can see what they actually know about it. You don’t know what you do not know.

Draw them out. Add a new concept. So they now have 6 things they know.

Flipping your new leaders orientation….

  • You can do 1-1 or event.
  • ***Orientation does not start when you have your event or 1-1. Orientation begins when you know they are interested. Here is a 10 minute video. Here is a one pager. Immediately so when you get together they are already primed.
  • Then send 2 -3 skills based videos.
  • Ongoing training…how to flip it…
  • Regularly scheduled coaching. Newsletter…etc

3 levels of volunteers

  1. Beginning
  2. Advanced
  3. Expert
  • ***You assess where they are at and give them a specific path based on where they are at. Don’t do this without technology. Both high-tech and contextual.
  • Has to be easy enough for them to do it on their phone for them to be able to do it. Accountability. Do a brief exercise after so there is accountability built in.
  • Met with them then ask them to fill out a 10question form to figure out the best way to train them so you can train them at their level.
  • Flipping your staff development…
  • What platform will you build this on?
  • You could film the content yourself but that takes time…snapchat, vine, etc. but it often doesn’t make the cut. If something is low quality the assumption is it is not worth your time watching it.
  • You want to be able to know they watched it or not.
  • How can you use technology and leverage it to unleash
  • MINISTRY GRID recommended resource…4,000 plus videos on leadership development
  • Right now media is small group video ministry grid is leadership development training material. Not a menu but a map.

How would you flip your training events using this tool?

  • Search in the training.
  • You can assign it to your leaders.
  • Look categorically at the videos they have there.
  • They have categorized the best beginning, advanced, and expert You can film your own intro video. Like Legos build your own or use pre-packaged.
  • Customizable scale…have you ever lead a small group before. Filters them into a track. Tons of resources for staff development. for a free 30-day trial.