Intro to funnel and the 5 discipleship contexts

  • Public
  • Social
  • Small group
  • Transparent
  • Divine

Discipleship blueprint twice a year replicate ministries

Down line builder discipleship strategy 9 month process teaching the bible from genesis to revelation

“The gospel you believe in produces the kind of discipleship you create” The Boenhoffer Project Bill Hull

Discipleship in Public Gathering Bobby Harrington

  • Language changes culture what you celebrate is what they duplicate Started seasoning his messages with discipleship examples
  • Emulate what you expect from others
  • We tell people what to do we don’t show them what to do
  • You can’t expect to experience the ministry of Jesus and divorce ourselves from his method
  • F260 5 days reading plan 1-2 chapter a day plan teaches message from that plan reiterate it in life group focused on application The problem is not the gap and between what we don’t know but based on what we do
  • Always take notes because you aren’t just learning for you but for others
  • Reiterate on periscope 2:00 on Tuesday same time every week uses catch company to capture and post it
  • You need a small group to help people to apply what they hear in the public space message…have you push you to your next step to apply what they learn

Social Context- Alex Absalom

  • Social context are about community, mission and practice 20 to 70 people Very easy to live on mission in this size space
  • Easier on route to community
  • Practice it Is really good and easy to practice spiritual gifts in this size gathering
  • Missing link in most churches
    (29 100 gatherings in Ohio 1/3 of people part of these groups were not part of the church before this Small groups are too small to take risks)
  • Needs a good clear mission and vision
  • All supported by being disciples in the transparent space

Personal Thought: what if Rooted continued on as a “learning cohort” and adopted elements of an mc (community, mission, practice)…maybe a monthly “family gathering” “rooted hub.” Could then add in spiritual leadership groups….to fulfill d-groups per se…and end of funnel. Would this fill the need for deep relationship? Then can multiply rooted macro groups and keep small groups in tact.

Identify mission and vision…of whom are you seeking to make disciples of!

Jim Putnam how do people have time for all of these contexts? can the group be a mission of itself? There are all kinds of people who will be attracted to each of these contexts. Some will be drawn to the transparent while others drawn to the social based on the size of context they are most comfortable with.

Bill Hull asking Jim Putnam about goal of groups multiply or not? The more personally invested you are in a group the less likely to multiply it? As a pastor multiply gets celebration but as a group member helping the group member grow and become relationally invested gets celebrated.

An MC not allowed to meet in the building.

Discipling in the Public Space- Jim Putnam
3 parts of a disciple of Jesus

  1. following Jesus obedience
  2. make-process of changing you. All scripture is summed up with relationship with God and relationship with others. Relationship is the desired end result. Maturity is you know God, you know others and you know you. In relationship we learn to be relational.
  3. Only about 20%of people have an audio learning style. This is why Jesus taught through practice in relationship
    Support and challenge is what happens in this discipleship context. Life groups are the fishing pond to d groups. When you don’t know what to do in the church you don’t do anything. When you have too much to do in the church you don’t do anything. Next steps area for those who want to take their next step…

It is easier to sub divide than it is to multiply. -Alex Absalom

Large gathering one week small gathering next week.
Covenantal relationship. Most important question to ask is can I trust me with you? This requires humility. It is wired and learned in the context of others. Character issues.
Learning how to love each other in difficult circumstances. Working through conflict in group will help people learn to work through conflict in their relationships. You have to help define where you are heading for
Keep it
Increase it
Stop it