Main Session 1- Erwin Mcmanus

Hebrews 11:6 without faith it is impossible to please God

  • We are not just changing people’s minds we are teaching them to be human
  • If it is impossible to please God without faith is it that faith restores our humanity?
  • How is it possible for a human to be in humane?
  • Our souls knows what it is to be human and that we have lost our humanity and that faith can restore it.
  • Our reality is we have confidence in what we have and not what we hope for

Hope only exists in the future- you have to be focused on the future to have hope

We believe God has a mind but does not have a dream.

The church is proof that God dreams and sees a future that must be created
What would happen if the church would become the incubator of humanity’s vast future

5 Levels of Churches-

  1. Subtraction (decline)
  2. Plateu
  3. Addition
  4. Reproduction
  5. Multiplication

Multiplication today and movements tomorrow

Language leads and helps us to learn

A Level 5 Church is a church with 50% growth in the church and in conversion rates to the 3rd generation

  • Though we have become better at planting churches but has less impact
  • To make movements great again is to make evangelism the focus
  • Movements are marked by multiplication
  • The ultimate goal is multiplication
  • Only 22% of churches started in 2012 has reproduced
  • Embrace a kingdom vision

Multiplication without evangelism is moving around consumer sheep

A movement without convergence is a movement in the wrong direction

  • Churches that reach the majority unchurched has activities that connect those outside the church
  • Unless you love the lost you will never reach the lost

Six things to encourage this:

  1. Remind them we evangelize because at one point someone evangelized us
  2. Celebrate and share stories of members who came to Christ
  3. Teach the gospel well and consistently
  4. Churches that multiply
  5. Relentless about communicating vision on a monthly basis
  6. Partnered with an organization that plants churches

Churches that multiples we’re investing time energy and resources 50% conversion 50% growth to the 3rd gen

Dave Ferguson-
4% to 10% only 4% is multiplying but 10% is what we are capable of doing

Inflection point- some innovation level 5 churches are at an inflection point

We have the mass to make changes

3 words


  • Is this church that I lead about my kingdom or God’s


  • Is this church going to be about growing or sending?
  • What are we going to count?
  • Are we growing to increase seating capacity or sending capacity? If it’s sending you begin to count different measurements What you measure improves and what you celebrate gets repeated


  • Am I more about relaxing or risk taking?