Main Session 2- Tensions
Dave Dummit & Ryan Kwon

There is a tension we have between here and there; we become so focused on our kingdom here we don’t focus on there.

You know your church is only temporary right?

Our greatest opportunity for kingdom impact is not growing churches here but starting churches there.

If I knew I wouldn’t fail..where can I make the greatest kingdom impact for God?

  • If God is calling you he is probably calling others
  • Start your here with there in mind.
  • If you focus there the here will take care of itself
  • Matthew 6:33

Ryan Kwon

At the foot of the cross all relationships are revolutionized. The cross so revolutionizes your life the relationship we have among one another everything changes.

We tend to think we exist for the family not the family for us. Learn to fight just not for your first name but for your last.

The family wins together and also loses together. Do you believe that when churches thrive we are all winning and when churches lose we are all losing?

We are so good at celebrating things but are we equally good at lamenting things?