Main Session 3
J.d. Greer

Most overlooked aspect…new leaders that we send out.

Seating capacity should not be the measure of success but sending capacity should be!

John 14:12
What it takes to develop a sending church..
1. Confident sacrifice- John 12:24

  • Planting feeling of a seed feels like you are losing it.
  • We grow not by hanging on and hoarding but by opening our hands and giving away.
  • Does God get the first and best of your leaders. You can’t out give God in this area just as others.
  1. Kingdom selflessness
  • Rarely feels better on the bottom line. Church plants are like teenagers, they only want your money and affirmation and then want you to leave them alone.

God doesn’t call us to a platform but to an alter.

  1. Risky faith.
  • Faith that God will multiply what you give away.
  • The servant was wicked because he didn’t risk what God had given him Do you trust God enough to risk it for you?

Ralph Moore
Founding Pastor Hope Chapel

  • Be a Barnabas invest in other people to send out.
    Without Barnabas Paul may have never went out and we wouldn’t have the gospel as well as the epistles.
  • The measure…how many people do we have in the pipeline? If we do this and act like a Barnabas we could take the world by storm.
  • In a generation it is possible to permeate a culture if we can see something in others.
  • Urgency of sending…
    From 2.5 to 8% growth of those who are Christians in India
  • Darjeeling 200-250 girls sold into slavery every day

God closes doors and God opens doors:

  • Door of opportunity-
  • Door of opposition-
  • Door of obligation- for Christ’s love compels us
  • Mark 16:19-20
  • And the lord went with them…