Main Session 5

Ryan houston

I would rather be a church builder than a church critic

Of all the things I do all I do is build the church…There is one vision.

3 key things to planting a church…

  1. The right place
  2. with the right time
  3. with the right people

Right Time:

  • If you need to weaken the base to spread to plant it may be the wrong moment.
  • Making the decision to start a new church is the easy part the hard part is if we have is needed do structurally to succeed
  • You should expand from a position of strength. City was right person was right but timing may be wrong.
  • Picking out moment is very important. Timing is everything. Do everything out of strength. Not every good idea is a God idea.

Right Place:

  • Find the right place and be true to yourself once you find it.
  • Once you find the right place it is amazing the kind of pressure people put on you.
  • Don’t let the pressure of the place tell you who you should be. Be yourself in that place.
  • Be strong enough to be you. You will never do. Anything influential doing what everyone else is doing.

Right Person:

Psalm 92:13
It’s gods will for the people in your church to flourish can they flourish under your ministry? If they can’t why should they stay planted there.

3john 1:2 every church has a soul. The soul is the people. When the soul of the church is negativity and opinion. Counsel invited into your life. Opinion isn’t.

If we want to prosper we really need to think about the soul of the church and its health.

You need to:

  1. Believe what I am a part of is bigger than the part I play
  2. Not built on the gifts and talents of a few but on the sacrifice of many
  3. I am not doing a big favor by doing this for you. Not minimums. Serve the lord with gladness.
  4. This is not my job this is my life. If you just build with hirelings its one way to build but not the best way to build. It’s a calling.
  5. I am a can do person. So easy to be surrounded by people who are negative. But innovative resourceful people.
  6. Empowerment starts with me. Empowerment works in every direction. Don’t be complicated.
  7. Bring people on the journey with you. Importance of taking your family and your people with you.

Michael Frost

  • Another word for weeds is pioneer plants according to horticulturalists Church planters are weeds in our American culture.
  • The kingdom of God is like a weed. (Mustard seed)
  • Most of its size is underground. It has the largest root system. If you could you would be churning the soil, it sends out a large root system.
  • Dream of a day…if your church was taken from its neighborhood it would grieve its loss. Are you brining nutrition, life, justice or are you just a place where people meet and drive away. Real movements grow like weeds.
  • The gospel ought to be contagious and church planting a movement.
  • Weeds have to be the hardiest, most courageous, the pioneer plants, the first ones in.

Matt Chandler
Acts 13

  • No matter how gifted you are you cannot make the wind blow.
  • The more you think you area the solution the bigger the problem will be. Ascribing worth to God is required.
  • I don’t need their praise I need your presence!