Kingdom becomes tangible when a) communion with God (Olson Call this “Spirituality”), and b) community with each other (Olson Calls this “Chemistry”), involves c) mission of what we’re going to do next (Olson Calls this Strategy). Certain individuals bring one of those strengths more than others, but it all comes together. These three are pretty similar to what Dave Olson taught on leadership style.

There is a blocker in social trends (spiritual forces) to each of these three.

· Individualism fights community.

· Consumerism fight mission.

· Materialism fights communion.

Steps to Develop a Missional Leader

  1. Observe – people hear you tell your story of mission.
  2. Prepare – people have gospel issues developed into their personal issues, and therefore are healthy and ready to receive someone else’s personal issues with the gospel. They can receive someone… because they’ve dealt with their stuff.
  3. Equipping – around the individuals spiritual gift. Personal interaction. A lot of ICNU, and UCinMe. They can do this for someone… because they’ve practiced what’s been done for them.
  4. Partner – with the Mission. The individual is now a stake holding contributor to the mission… and able to develop other emerging leaders into the mission.

Ratio for Jesus. Observe=5000, Prepare=3000, Equip=120, Partner=12. Or maybe it’s 5,000, 120, 70, 12. You have to understand this is a process and a time and a personal relationship thing. As pastors we often think people are either in or out (in=partner, out=observation). You have to appreciate the middle steps.

The Reveal Study shows 4 categories in Christians. Reveal Study is the same thing with different language. All steps are okay. It’s interesting to see in the study that most people are between step 1 and 2.

  1. Exploring
  • Growing
  • Close

  • Christ-Centered

  • Executive Leaders need Calling, Character, Community, and Culture. You need personal community where you’re safe to be the transparent you – not the pastor. Calling is that consistent sense of vocation.

    It would be great to know the top spiritual development need, and skills development need, in each person you’re trying to equip.