Leadercast Notes 5/6/16

Chris Barez-Brown

Supplement great thinking with great feeling get your subconscious to work for you

Doing more things by experimenting rather than logic alone.


  1. Over time we become more habituated to operate from our subconscious rather than our conscious. 8-% of our life is spent on autopilot. It is not the greatest position to lead. The trick is to get off autopilot.
  2. Our subconscious will use the path it has done before.
  3. Great wakeup
    • Simple exercises to get you off autopilot. If you have fun and giggle more you will get autopilot and think more naturally.
  4. Have fun,
    • Take a deep breath, have fun, you wont do more stuff but you will do what counts!



Bill McDermott– vision isn’t what you see, it’s what you feel and make others feel


The most positive thing a leader can do is change someone’s mind about what is possible.


Dr Henry Cloud-

  • You start with a vision, but your brain cannot get there on its own. You have to engage the talent. Then it has to execute some sort of plan or strategy. Then your brain measures how you are doing and holds everyone accountable.
  • This is leadership and everything falls into these columns except the people who go all the way through the whole path.
  • The power of the other. The question is not whether they will have power. The question is what kind of power they are going to have.
  • When you get to the limit of your performance how do you find more and find more for your people?
  • How can something invisible and immaterial actually affect the physical and material world?
  • The mind body problem. We don’t know how it works but we know that it works. It is this connection that drives performance.
    • Hardware- brain software- mind
  • The software drives everything. They affect everything. A lot of times we are filling our minds with stuff but what we miss is the power of the other.
  • Your actual hardware comes form relationship and your software comes from relationship. If you take a baby and feed, water it but don’t have the power of other their brains don’t grow.
  • This applies to our leadership.
  • The reality of how you do what you do and who you surround yourself drives your performance.
  • Map of leaders universe
    • 4 corners of leaders world

1             2

4             3


The most important question a leader asks is where am I?

There are only 4 places, our team and we can be

  • 1st quadrant- No connection (symptoms- paranoia, you lose energy)
  • 2nd corner- bad connection (doesn’t have to be abusive) but something in this makes you feel bad like you are not good enough. Stuff gets internalized and becomes part of who you are.
  • 3rd corner- Pseudo good connection- leaders who surround themselves with happy talk or people who don’t criticize them or performance driven.
  • 4th corner- real connection- the place where you can be who you truly are and surround yourself with people who can be who they truly are. We get fueled by relationships in this corner.

A few final quotes by Dr Henry Cloud:

People depend on you for fuel and you have to find a way to move them out of the toxic place to a place where they can deal with it.

You have to set people free to do their lives.

You need to have standards to hold them accountable. But unless you live with them in corner 4 then the standards will feel like you are against them. You need to be for them 1st and then support them with standards. The human mind cannot take negatives without the power of positive.

The brain is moving off the internalizations that you give other people.