Speaker Andy Stanley:

We value integrity but we follow clarity

  • Clarity is magnetic
    • It trumps certainty
    • trumps humility
  • Clarity is the thing very leader needs

Vision is a picture of what…not a picture of how

  • A compelling what statement gathers with it how
  • A mental picture of what could be fueled by communication of what should be
  • Vision is a preferred future
  • Clarity results in influence which is the essence of leadership
  • If you bring the of bringing clarity you will gain influence
  • State it simply, memorable is portable
  • Incomplete but memorable is better than complete and not memorable
  • Ask- if we are a solution what’s the problem?
  • A paycheck rarely engages the heart- vision does!
  • Cast vision convincingly
    • state the problem
    • offer a solution
    • explain why
      • why is tough
      • why is where you find your inspiration
  • Repeat it regularly- vision leaks
  • Celebrate it systematically. What’s rewarded is repeated.

Speaker Kat Cole:

  • Priorities matter
  • Focus on things that are small enough to matter but large enough to be possible
  • What is your #1 priority?
  • Reframing vision of what’s possible


Speaker James Brown:

Internal leadership victories precede external victories

Qualities of a leader:

  • Promptness
  • thirst and hunger for knowledge
  • interpersonal skills-global environment
  • dealing with adversity
  • Everyone brings their best to the table
  • Have fun- success- Joshua 1:8