May 14th 2016 Day 2:

Matthew 28:17- doubt is normal otherwise we would be perfect and act perfectly

Discipleship is leading people to increasingly submit all of life to the empowering presence and lordship of Jesus Christ. Living for Christ in everything we do.


Goal of church- glorify God through Jesus


You have to define “disciple” Matthew 14:19 and Matthew 28. Follow me, make you, fishers of men.

Following Jesus leads to worshipping Jesus more and more.


  • I will make you,…Jesus does the work of changing us
  • One who worships Jesus, is being changed by Jesus and one who obeys Jesus and teaches others to do the same.
  • Worship of Jesus leads to change by Jesus and obedience to Jesus.

You need definition of Jesus and definition of discipleship. You cannot train people to do this one day a week

Discipleship requires life on life, life in community and life on mission

Life on Life:

  • Discipleship begins at the point of relationship not the point of conversion
  • Visible and accessible- they have to get into your stuff.
  • Life on life is required to get into the stuff of life.


You can’t disciple people in a classroom, you can teach them about it but you cant show them it.


Life in Community:

  • If you only do 1-1 discipleship they will only look like the person discipling them. You want them to look like Jesus, which is required in community because the gifts of the body are shaping you in different ways.


Life on Mission:

  • Mission squeezes you so that the junk comes out
  • You cannot make disciples of Jesus unless you are on mission otherwise the stuff that is inside you will not come out
  • It reveals treasure, for most their treasure is their time. Walk through schedule and show how everything glorifies God
  • People come to the end of themselves and the beginning of Jesus
  • Most Christians are too busy doing church-work to be on mission

Baptizing isn’t just a ceremony it is a naming statement, they are being given a new identity

Discipleship involves establishing and building people into their new identity

  1. Family.
  2. We have been baptized into the name of the Son.
  3. Baptized into the name of the Holy Spirit


Who is God? What Has he done? Who are we? What do we do? How do we do it?
Father Submitted His Son Loved family of God Love others (it looks different in every context)
Son Served the World Servants of the King Serve the least
Holy Spirit Sent the Son & us Missionaries sent by Spirit Proclaim Jesus

You always love others with the love you receive. Your expression of love flows from this. Love itself is not something you generate/make up yourself but something you first receive. We love because he first loved us.

  • If our church were to love like a family what would we do?
  • The church should be the prototypical family to the world. Is that true of your church?
  • (a family full of grace that talks about Jesus)
  • Look at your neighborhood and ask how you can love them like they are family.
  • Worship is an act of sacrifice for Jesus.

If every Christian believed they were a missionary 24/7 they would live a different life. Our role is to help people believe they are missionaries 24/7.