Leadership matters. Your leadership matters. A good leader changes the course of organizations, entire industries, states, countries, and even the global landscape. I’m honored to introduce you to a book that will not only help you lead now, but will help you lead well.

H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle.

H3 Leadership seeks to respond to three large overarching questions:
  • HUMBLE: “Who am I?”
  • HUNGRY: “Where do I want to go?”
  • HUSTLE: “How will I get there?”

In the book H3 Leadership Loemenick dives further into sub-sets of questions to answer to go along with each of these. Here is the basic overview of the book:

  • Self-Discovery: Know who you are
  • Openness: Share the real you with others
  • Meekness: Remember it’s not about you
  • Conviction: Stick to your principles
  • Faith: Prioritize your day so God is first
  • Assignment: Live out your calling
  • Ambition: Develop an appetite for what’s next
  • Curiosity: Keep learning
  • Passion: Love what you do
  • Innovation: Stay current, creative, and engaged
  • Inspiration: Nurture a vision for a better tomorrow
  • Bravery: Take calculated risks
  • Excellence: Set standards that scare
  • Stick-with-it-ness: Take the long view
  • Execution: Commit to completion
  • Team Building: Create an environment that attracts and retains the best and brightest
  • Partnership: Collaborate with colleagues and competitors
  • Margin: Nurture healthier rhythms
  • Generosity: Leave the world a better place
  • Succession: Find power in passing the baton

While there is much that I like about this book and many lessons a leader can take away from it there is alot of information that can be applied. I can see myself re-reading this a couple more times in various seasons. For today I will focus on two big takeaways that can be challenges for me.

My Two Big Takeaways:

  1. A Habit of Stick-With-It-Ness: Take the Long View
The modern tendency is to assume that “newer” always means “better.” Whenever we hear about a new process or product, we want to pitch our old one and attain the newer, “better” one. But this behavior is not actually innovation; it is impulsiveness. True creativity is discerning, and it balances the need for “new” with patience and perseverance.
I love new! I always try the new drinks at Starbucks as opposed to having a go-to favorite. I get easily excited over new ventures. So this habit comes less natural to me. It’s a great reminder that new needs to be balanced with patience and perseverance.
2. A Habit of Meekness: Remember It’s Not About You
FIND SOMETHING YOU LIKE. I can be quick to judge an idea or find faults before I recognize the benefits. So I try hard to find something I like when someone offers a thought.
Most days I get this but over and over again I need to be reminded of this so my actions match what I believe. It can be so easy to make things about yourself and not others. The concept of finding something I like in the ideas, writings and insights of others is one that can be easily applied. Being proactive about finding something I like can really help in this area.
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H3 Leadership: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle.