_140_245_Book.1934.coverNIV, Lifehacks Bible, Practical Tools for Successful Spiritual Habits

By Joe Carter, editor
Published by Zondervan

A “Lifehack” describes any advice, shortcut, tip or skill that will help you get things done more efficiently and effectively.

The NIV Lifehacks Bible uses “lifehacking” methods to give you practical and achievable tools to integrate spiritual habits into your busy, technology-centric, 21st century life. With 365 articles covering 30 life-changing disciplines, not only does this Bible illuminate scriptural wisdom on spiritual practices, it provides practical tips and strategies for applying them every day.

You’ll find these and other articles inside the Bible: • 4 Tips for Making Wise Decisions • 6 Steps for Interpreting the Bible • 7 Questions for Recognizing Intentional Sins • 4 Tips for Finding Time to Pray

Featuring a foreword by author and theologian Kevin DeYoung, the NIV Lifehacks Bible is full of common-sense articles on foundational topics such as: prayer, self-reflection, character formation, and fasting. The Bible then features advice and helpful tips for building habits around these disciplines.


Every day we are becoming either more like Jesus or less like him. Spiritual formation is the name for the process by which Christians in union with Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit become conformed both internally and externally to the character of Christ for the purpose of communion with God. (p.xxi)

As Brad Lomenick states in H3 Leadership, “When you rise in the morning, nearly half of your day will be determined by the patterns you’ve either intentionally created or passively allowed. There’s no avoiding it: the patterns we cultivate shape the person we each become.

I cannot stress enough the importance of developing habits that allow God to shape us into becoming more like Jesus. This LifeHacks Bible will be especially helpful for those looking to develop spiritual habits to grow in their relationship with God. I would give this 5 stars. I was pleasantly surprised when I read through the articles found in this Bible. This bible contains the most exhaustive compilation of spiritual practices, disciplines and habits I have seen. As a pastor who has read dozens of books on this subject, the material contained in this new LifeHacks Bible would fill several books with applicable information to be put into practice. It contains over 1,000 tips and suggestions designed to help the reader become more like Jesus. This covers over 30 different spiritual habits and eight different categories of spiritual formation. Each entry ends with practical suggestions for how to apply these habits to your life.

Carter has done well to place the articles on spiritual habits throughout this version of the Bible. The original text is kept in tact for those wondering but the articles are inserted at key points throughout the Bible. It appears to me that alot of intentionality was put into placing the articles in the spots where they are located. Also I really appreciate how Carter has placed articles that help the reader see Jesus throughout the entire Bible including articles such as “Seeing Jesus in Proverbs”. We often forget the entire Bible is about Jesus (Lk 24:27) so seeing articles that point us back to Him during our reading is helpful in applying the whole Bible to our spiritual life.

All articles are sorted easily with an alphabetical reference list of them at the front of the Bible and a topical reference list of them toward the back. Plus the articles even tell you which page number to turn to if wanting to jump to the next one.

I encourage you to pick up a copy from Amazon today: NIV, Lifehacks Bible, Hardcover: Practical Tools for Successful Spiritual Habits


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