Psalms 74:17 (ESV)

You have fixed all the boundaries of the earth; you have made summer and winter.

Today is the Summer Solstice which marks the 1st official day of summer. Though I do not like the heat that summer brings (I live in Wisconsin U.S. so much more accustomed to cold than warm). I do however enjoy the different rhythms that comes with this change in season. Summer allows more time to rest and relax that other seasons just don’t allow. It also allows a time to grow and learn new things by pursuing a summer reading list (See my list here).

Summer also provides more opportunity for relational connection with people around you that are not offered easily in other seasons. Everything from grilling outdoors, to visiting parks, exploring a new trail, fishing with a friend, going to a local festival there are plenty of opportunities to engage with others during the summer time and try some new foods or drinks. For me these opportunities allow me time to experience God in nature and connect with Him. This is one of my primary spiritual pathways and always a good time to renew and recharge spiritually as well as relationally.

What are some of things you are looking forward to this summer?