Reading and applying the Bible is one of the keys to knowing God, following Jesus, growing spiritually, and finding freedom in life.



For every passage you read, here’s a process we suggest for your reading:

  • Take a moment to pray and ask God to help you understand and apply what you read.
  • Read the passage.
  • Ask, “Say What?” — Go back through your reading and ask questions like: What did it say? What did I learn about God? About myself? About life? What insights do I gain?
  • Then ask, “So What?” — Imagine someone read that same passage and asked you, “So what? What does this have to do with life today?” What’s the answer? What universal lesson or life teaching does God communicate through this passage?
  • Finally, ask “Now What?” — Ask God what He wants you to do with what you read. This goes beyond the universal lesson to your specific application. How should your life be changed? In what way do you need to live different based on what you read? Ask God for the wisdom and strength to live out what He’s shown you.

This plan walks through the Book of Judges beginning with an Introduction to the Book of Judges and ending with a Reflection.


Intro to Judges– Monday June 27th Judges 12– Thursday July 14th
Judges 1– Tuesday June 28th Judges 13– Friday July 15th
Judges 2– Wednesday June 29th Judges 14– Monday July 18th
Judges 3– Thursday June 30th Judges 15– Tuesday July 19th
Judges 4– Friday July 1st Judges 16– Wednesday July 20th
Judges 5– Tuesday July 5th Judges 17– Thursday July 21st
Judges 6– Wednesday July 6th Judges 18– Friday July 22nd
Judges 7– Thursday July 7th Judges 19– Monday July 25th
Judges 8– Friday July 8th Judges 20– Tuesday July 26th
Judges 9– Monday July 11th Judges 21– Wednesday July 27th
Judges 10– Tuesday July 12th Reflection– Thursday July 28th
Judges 11– Wednesday July 13th

(Note: Intro to Judges is posted already in a previous post. Click link above to go to it)

Download PDF Version Here. judges-reading-plan