In June I finished a 3,000 page reading challenge which covered a larger number of books. Leaders are learners and I enjoy learning from a variety of sources especially in summer. Here is the list:

Reading Challenge: June

Books Read (Reviews or Summaries to these books are linked in)

While this was a fun challenge. I doubt it is something I can repeat volume wise especially since I entered June with a vacation/study week which I did alot more reading than usual.

So for July 2016 here is my challenge which will focus more categorically than by volume:

  • 2 books on Healthy Relationships
    • For me this will be a marriage book
  • 2 Leadership books
    • One of my Favorite categories to read from
  • 1 Biography/Memior
    • I really can’t recall how long it has been since I read a book in this category but we learn so much from the lives of others.
  • 1 Book Written Before 1900
    • I usually only read newer books but challenging myself to read some older classics.
  • 1 Psychology/Sociology book
    • Again another favorite category of mine especially psychology.
  • 1 Fiction Book
    • I usually don’t read much in this category but challenging myself to read more from this category.
  • 2 Additional book in any categories
    • For me this will consist of something in discipleship, missional living or spiritual formation.

Feel free to join in on this challenge! If a page goal is easier this should be closer to 2400 pages for July.