Bible Discovery Method & Discovering God Bible Studies

These two methods and materials have largely been used in missionary church planting movements due to the ease of use, no additional resources needed, and the ability to repeat the process to create a naturally reproductive system of helping people find and follow God.

The Bible Discovery Method/Study is not preaching or teaching, but a Bible based discussion which seeks to help the reader apply what they are learning as opposed to learning just for the sake of information alone. This means that the Bible is the authority for the group. The leader should only lead the first one or two studies before people begin to adopt it as a natural part of the rhythms of their life.

You can begin by doing 3 column studies as your personal devotion. Obedience to God through obedience to the Word must be genuine. The leader learns to share this with another person and ask them to share with someone else.  These can be used in small groups, missional communities, or any other structure of small groups as well as used in natural organic church planting movements. This is how a reproducing Movement gets started.

And YES . . . It Can Start With You!

The Bible Discovery Study Process


  1. What are you thankful for this week? Praise and Worship
  2. What problems do you have this week? Personal Prayer
  3. Is there any way this group can help you? Ministry and Service

Discovery Passage:

Read the Section of Scripture for the Day

Discovery Questions

1. What happens in this passage?
2. What does this passage tell us about God?
3. What does this passage tell us about people?


1. How does this change how we see God?
2. How does this passage change how we treat others?
3. How does this passage change how we live?
4. What other questions do you have about this passage?


1. Who can you share this story with?
2. Do you know anyone who needs help? How can this group help them?

Below are resources that will help you prepare to lead a Discovering-God Bible Study. These studies introduce people to God and guide them to falling in love with Him. These resources are designed to help you with the process.

The most important parts of these resources are the Scripture lists. The Scripture lists are a collection of narratives from the Bible designed to help people learn about God through studying Creation, the Fall, and Redemption.

Discovering God Scripture List