For the past couple months I have been challenging myself to read more and from different categories. In this post I want to give an update for the July challenge and where I ended with it as well as share my August challenge.

Here are the books and categories I read from. My reviews/notes/summaries are hyperlinked in below.

For a total of 2935 pages.

Overall I liked the format of this reading challenge because it challenges me to read a bit broader than I always do.

For August Here are the Categories I want to read from:

  • 1 Book on Healthy Relationships (for me this will most likely be a marriage book)
  • 1 Book on Leadership
  • 1 Biography/Memoir
  • 1 Book Written Before 1900’s
  • 1 Psychology/Sociology Book
  • 1 Fiction Book
  • 1 Family/Parenting Book
  • 1 Historical Book (could be fiction or non-fiction)
    • This is another category that I do not read much from
  • 2 Additional Books in any categories
    • For me this will consist of something in discipleship, missional living or spiritual formation.

10 books total. Feel free to follow along if you want. If a page goal is easier this will probably be somewhere near 2500 pages.