Just wanted to share a helpful framework for leadership development that we use in training leaders and especially new group leaders. This evening we will be leading a Turbo Group and unpacking this framework over the course of the next few weeks. For those not familiar with what Turbo Group is it is a shortened group environment where we train potential leaders and leaders exploring leadership on the nuts and bolts of leadership. When you combine this environment with a culture of multiplying leaders and apprenticing them you have a natural system for leadership reproduction and growth.

In leading groups, we have discovered several key aspects to creating the optimum group environment for God to work in. This is not designed to be an exhaustive list of these key aspects but to provide a framework in creating this type of environment.


RELATIONAL: People over tasks.

  • Pray for group members daily.
  • Discern and help group members take next steps to follow God (Discipleship: see spiritual pathway).
  • Make sure everyone in your group is valued and cared for (Shepherding). Often people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
  • By encouraging and facilitating connections outside of regular group meetings, you demonstrate the priority of relationships.
  • How are you and your group members connecting outside of group time?
  • Do you make it a priority for your group to support and care for each other?


RUN WELL: God and others deserve our best

  • Take on personal responsibility to shape your community (Ownership)
  • Personally growing in the 3 vital relationships and leading your group to encourage the group members’ growth in these areas.
  • Discover people’s gifts and help them to use gifts within group.
  • Committed to personally growing as a leader through coaching and training
  • How are you staying connected in your relationship with Jesus Christ, realizing that apart from him you can do nothing?


REPRODUCING: Do nothing alone

  • Identify an apprentice – “I see in you…” Replace yourself
  • Walk through the apprentice model (I see, you watch, we talk, etc.)
  • Consistently talk about and cast vision for reproducing.
  • Shared participation (facilitating the study, hosting the meeting, preparing the snack, leading prayer time, planning socials, guiding the discussion, etc) creates broader ownership of the group.
  • How are you intentionally investing in a potential leader in your group?
  • How are you involving your group members in supporting the group?


REWARDING: What you do matters

  • Celebrate change- if we truly value the life-change God brings about in people, it is important that we take the time to celebrate it in our groups.
  • Share stories and wins of people living on mission.
  • Take time to celebrate how God is moving in your group and in the lives of people in your group.
  • Encourage group members through cards, emails and phone calls.
  • How do you and your group members celebrate the growth you see occurring in each other?