There are six elements that characterize the movement that Jesus founded and still leads today.

  1. Jesus saw the need. He was moved with compassion. He looked out over Israel and saw sheep, lost without a shepherd. He prepared his disciples to take the gospel to the whole world.
  1. Jesus connected with people. Jesus spent his time ministering to people—looking for the “sick” not the “healthy,” “sinners” not the “righteous”. He sought out people who knew they needed God’s mercy.
  1. Jesus shared the gospel. Jesus proclaimed the good news of salvation in words and deeds.

In him, God’s rule had become a present reality. He preached, he taught, he rebuked, and he invited everyone he met to repent and believe. He gave his life as a ransom for many.

  1. Jesus trained disciples. Jesus led people to put their trust in him and to learn to obey his commands. He modeled and taught them a new way of life.
  1. Jesus gathered communities. As the risen Lord, Jesus formed his disciples into churches characterized by faith in him, love for one another, and witness in word and deed.
  1. Jesus multiplied workers. Jesus equipped his followers to make disciples of all nations. He sent the Holy Spirit upon them so that they would continue his ministry in his power.

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