People of the Second Chance: A Guide to Bringing Life-Saving Love to the World


What if I told you that you and your not-so-perfect story have been invited to experience the joy of second chance living.

Your critics and nay-sayers and those negative voices in your head have defined who you are and stolen your hopeful future for far too long!

The insecurity, shame, and judgment—That. Stops. Today.

This simple guide will show you how your imperfect life matters in ways you never thought possible. It will help you see your scars, flaws, and failures as unfair advantages and gifts that you can bring to the world.

Packed full of unfiltered honesty and simple next steps, this book will help you discover beauty in the brokenness.


Mike Foster’s writing style is comical, easy to understand and engaging. Foster’s book does an excellent job at unpacking God’s grace which He extends freely to us. God redeems us despite how broken we are and calls us His masterpieces. This love and grace which we receive from God flows to us and from us toward others. As Foster states, “We are not just reservoirs of His love and grace. We are channels. We are rivers meant to flow.”

Far too often we define ourselves not by who God says we are but by the lies we believe about ourselves. Our lives become characterized by these lies we believe and it shapes our thoughts, behaviors and actions. As Paul sates in Romans 1:25, we exchange the truth of God for a lie. If this sounds like you, pick up a copy of Foster’s book and learn how to move beyond these lies you have come to believe about yourself and enter into your true identity about who God says you are.

Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey this is a good book to read. We never advance beyond God’s grace and our understanding and experience of it. It is God’s love that changes and transforms us and radically reorients us to be more loving toward others who are broken like we are.

About Mike Foster

Mike Foster is the Chief Chance Officer at People of the Second Chance. He has dedicated his life to helping people relaunch their lives with a sense of hope and purpose. He has been featured on Good Morning America, The 700 Club, and in The New York Times.

People of the Second Chance: A Guide to Bringing Life-Saving Love to the World

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NOTE: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.