These three very different experiences offered visitors to Niagara Falls reminded me of our relationship to prayer and our experience of God Himself. Some of us approach our prayer lives and relational experience of God from the hotel room of our hearts. We see Him from a distance. Yes, we are duly impressed, but not really impacted. We admire His work from afar but then we become easily distracted because it’s just an image out a window. We might mouth a word or two. But before long we have turned to do other things, or simply gotten bored with the view. Then there are others of us who engage our prayer lives from the park. We’re closer. We abide a bit more. We stay a little longer. But we are still safely behind the steel and rock barriers of our own will and minds. We don’t allow the current to connect with us or direct us in any way. Yes, we may feel His engagement and hear His voice, like answers blown to us on the breeze, but then there are other times where we become easily distracted by the visitor center souvenirs to purchase, or the hamburgers, ice cream, and pretzels nearby. Before long, we’ve left His presence and entered the store. But there are some who refuse to settle for a hotel room window or even park experience of prayer. They are the ones who put on their raincoats, raise their umbrellas, and venture into the basin to get as close as they can. They long to be drenched by God’s presence. Drenched by His purity. Overwhelmed by His glory. They see not just the rainbow of His promises but move into the actual light of His promises. They may get uncomfortable sometimes as the boat gets rocky or they get drenched, but it’s worth it as they fully engage with the One who truly is the voice on the waters. As the psalmist writes, “The voice of the Lord is upon the waters; the God of glory thunders, the Lord is over many waters,” (Ps. 29: 3). That is the voice you hear, know, and experience. And with His voice comes His power. If you want the full power and promises of God’s presence, you will have to get close and go deep in your relationship with Him. (pp. 15-17)
Chapter 2. Authority and Access > pp. 34-38
One key to prayer is having faith like a child— as Priscilla modeled for me so many years ago. Another is knowing what you ought to pray. A third is understanding that prayer is authoritative in nature, when based on the power and truth of God attached to His kingdom purposes. This is the goal, nature, and purpose of kingdom prayer. Kingdom prayer is designed to advance God’s kingdom agenda, which is the visible manifestation of the comprehensive rule of God over every area of life.
Chapter 2. Authority and Access > Page 38
When you come to realize all that is actually going on during prayer, it will invigorate your prayer life.
Chapter 3. Ruling and Relationship > Page 43
Whatever is plaguing you today in the physical realm emanates from the spiritual realm. That is a critical truth to grasp.
Chapter 3. Ruling and Relationship > Page 46
Don’t miss the truth of this and how it may apply to your own life. The battles you are facing on earth are being waged in the spiritual realm by real beings called angels and demons. When there is a delay in response to your prayer, don’t make the assumption that God simply does not care or that He has not heard. Make the assumption, based on His Word, that there is a battle taking place between good and evil.
Chapter 3. Ruling and Relationship > Page 47
But there are more reasons to keep praying than simply to ask again for the thing that you are seeking. After you ask God, the remainder of your prayers should be focused on thanking God for His promised response.
Chapter 3. Ruling and Relationship > Page 49
Prayer is the mechanism to address the battles being waged in the heavenly places that directly affect our physical lives and five senses on earth.
Chapter – 3. Ruling and Relationship > Page 50
Kingdom prayer is calling forth in history what God has determined from eternity.
Chapter – 3. Ruling and Relationship > Page 50
The secret to answered prayer is alignment with God. It is being in such unison with God that you are praying according to His will.
Part 2: The Context of Kingdom Prayer
Chapter 6. Faith and Futility > Page 81
Ask yourself these questions regarding your prayers:  Is what I’m praying for going to benefit others?  Does my request, if granted, bring glory to God?  How will this request advance God’s kingdom agenda on earth?  Will the answer to my prayer equip me to serve God more fully?
Chapter – 6. Faith and Futility > Page 85
Sometimes God wants to ask us to let go of something for His sake that we would never let go of except at a point of crisis.
Chapter – 7. Two or Three Together > Page 96
Kingdom prayer must be coupled with kingdom action.
Chapter – 7. Two or Three Together > Page 100
When two or three gathered in the Old Testament times with regard to a matter, it wasn’t just to shake hands, sing songs, and fellowship. No, this structure was designed to make something official. That’s important to note— the backdrop of Jesus using this term within the context of the passage is the backdrop of legal witnesses deciding together what would be.
Chapter – 7. Two or Three Together > Page 100
Thus the key to answered prayer when it comes to group prayer is this symphonic orchestration of being on the same page, of one accord. It is not only praying with one another but also believing, thinking, and desiring in cadence.
Chapter – 7. Two or Three Together > Page 100
Not just cognitively but at the heart and faith level.
Chapter – 7. Two or Three Together > Page 100
When two or more people agree on anything which God has authorized to be bound or loosed (in alignment under God), and they ask for it— it will be done. It will come about.
Chapter- 7. Two or Three Together > Page 102
Until we are in alignment under God’s principles of loving Him and loving others and submitting to His authority, our prayers will make as much sense to the Lord as an orchestra does to us when it is warming up and not operating under the authority of the conductor.
Part 3: The Conditions for Kingdom Prayer
Chapter – 11. Making Mountains Move > Page 141
So indispensable is faith to experiencing the authority of kingdom prayer that God says without it, “it is impossible to please Him” or be rewarded by Him (Heb. 11: 6). And it is the link that transports you from where you are to where you are needing to go.
Chapter – 11. Making Mountains Move > Page 142
Faith is the only bridge God has provided for you to cross over from the natural to the supernatural.
Chapter – 11. Making Mountains Move > Page 142
I like to define faith simply as acting like God is telling the truth.
Chapter – 11. Making Mountains Move > Page 142
Faith is letting your actions reflect a belief system that what God says is true.
Chapter – 11. Making Mountains Move > Page 142
While prayer is the bridge to communicating with God, faith is the movement you take on that bridge.
Chapter – 12. The Force of Fasting > Page 165
In 1 Thessalonians 5: 23, Paul prayed that his readers would be sanctified and preserved in their “spirit and soul and body.” Paul’s order here is purposeful. We are not made up of body, soul, and spirit, but spirit, soul, and body. We are created to live from the inside out, not from the outside in. You say, “Why is that important?” Because if you look at yourself as a body that happens to house a soul and a spirit, you will live for your body first. But if you understand that you are spirit at the core of your being, you will live for the spirit.
Chapter – 12. The Force of Fasting > Page 166
What God wants to hear us say is, “Lord, I can’t do this. I’ve tried everything I know and I can’t fix it. Lord, I throw my inability and my lack at Your feet.” God says, “Now I can do something.”
Chapter – 12. The Force of Fasting > Page 166
You see, when we fail to humble ourselves before God, what we wind up doing is trying to live the Christian life in our own power.
Chapter – 13. Aligning through Abiding > Page 171
The word “knowledge” translated in the Greek is epignosis, which means full knowledge or experiential knowledge. Rather, epignosis has to do with entering into an experience. There is an intimacy and experiential connection with God that produces fruit.