Having a regular date-night is a very healthy practice to be in. However, dating during Quarantine can be a real challenge but is still possible to do!

Here are – six fun, low-key, (mostly) at-home date activities to try out when you’re craving some intentional quality time with your partner:

  • Game Night. Pick a game, online or board game and spend time together in friendly competition with each other. Have some laughs, show your competitive spirit, and maybe get out some of that quarantine energy with a game night. Make it a double date by using Zoom to play a game with another couple. Just make sure you trust your opponents to use the honor system — no cheating!
  • Learn Something New Together. Between exploring cooking a new meal together or taking an online art class there are lots of options to explore.
    • Tap into your inner artist with a painting class. Studios like  offer classes that show you how to recreate a stunning piece of art. A local favorite is Farmhouse Paint and Sip with their virtual offering, you can follow step-by-step instructions to create your own masterpiece.
    • Cook up some romance by creating a delicious meal together and enjoying it over candlelight. Try a fresh, new recipe. Then pour a glass of wine and turn on some music inspired by your cuisine to set the mood. If you like cooking and want to avoid the shopping and prepping, you can try a meal subscription service. A local favorite is Cooking With Mimosa. Then they conveniently mail the instructions and pre-portioned ingredients directly to your doorstep and you’re ready to start cooking. Bon appétit!
  • Create the ultimate movie/Netflix-binge experience. You are probably already doing your share of this lately. But think of how you could make this fun, special, or different. Maybe you make it a theme night, or randomly pick a movie and see who can write the funniest review to share after.
  • Give an in-depth lesson. Take turns teaching each other about one of your favorite subjects or hobbies. Keep in mind that the “learner’s” engagement is key to making this fun.
  • Have a picnic – whether it’s in your backyard or your bedroom. Cook or order in your favorite meal or build an appetizer tray from whatever is in your pantry. Make it feel special by dressing up a bit and playing some music for ambience.
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset. Grab some coffee or a nightcap and scope out a spot with a view (even if it’s just the bay window of your living room). Reflect on the day ahead or behind you after enjoying nature’s colorful show. Share three things you’re feeling thankful for.
  • Stream a Concert. Whether you’re into country music, pop, hip-hop, rock or something in between, chances are you can enjoy a live-streamed concert of one of your favorite artists from your living room. Many artists are playing free shows and asking the audience to donate to specific charities, such as Feeding America. Check out Billboard and LiveNation for an extensive lists of live events.
  • Take a hike. In most areas, outdoor activities are still encouraged as long as you practice social distancing. Scout out a park or hiking/walking trails near you and throw on your comfy shoes. Enjoy the fresh air and each other’s company.
  • Start a Great Conversation. Now that you’ve spent all day for more than 40 days with your significant other (but who’s counting), you might feel like there’s nothing new to talk about. Enter Our Moments conversation starter cards. With uncommon questions like “What was your favorite childhood toy,” or “What is something you have tried and will never try again,” these cards are sure to ignite an exciting conversation. You may be surprised by how much there is to learn about your other half!
  • Exchange gifts. This probably sounds like an odd one, especially if you don’t have a gifting occasion coming up – although do you really need one? You’re probably not going to go out shopping for one either. Here’s where the fun comes in! Create a gift out of things you already have around the house, hiding in a closet, or a box of old memorabilia in the basement. The thought- and creativity- is what really counts here.