Hidden-in-Christ-by-James-Bryon-Smith.jpg‘Hidden in Christ: Living as Christ’s Beloved’

I have always been intrigued by Colossians 3:3 in particular so when I saw this title of this book I knew it was something I wanted to read to expand my understanding of what it means to be “hidden in Christ in God”.


‘I noticed that single words from Colossians 3 began to bounce around in my mind, forming a new understanding of the gospel, and a new awareness of who I am, and who my brothers and sisters in Christ are.’ James Bryan Smith

Memorizing a passage and studying it in depth can offer a deeper sense of the meaning of each word. James Bryan Smith has found Colossians 3:1-17 to be a rich resource for understanding what it means to have our lives hidden in Christ.

Each of the thirty short chapters of this book brings out the main truth of just one word or phrase in this rich passage. You’ll also find a simple daily practice to take up, reflection questions and a guide for five weeks of group discussion.

Reflecting on the book

I enjoyed reading this book as much as I felt inspired and challenged to think again about familiar passages of scripture. James writes in natural and fluid style in a manner which all can relate to  because his life lessons are drawn from everyday life – from mowing the lawn, tuning a car radio to playing the guitar.

The structure of the chapters is easily accessible and does not overload you with questions at the end to ponder. Instead he provides four sections to help you to apply and memorize the teaching: Living into the Truth; Affirmation; Prayer and Reflection.

Target audience

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to take a closer look at the amazing truths in Colossians 3, and to learn and grow through doing so. I think it is also something that will appeal to anyone seeking to grow in their faith.


This is a book I would recommend to others to grow their relationship with God and was a worthwhile read.

James writes of how we should appreciate the wondrous truth that just as Christ dwells within us we too are hidden within Him. He writes:

“As I began to delve deeper into this word (and parallel passages) a new understanding of what it means to have my life hidden in Christ emerged, and with it a deeper gratitude to God and a more solid confidence in Jesus than ever before.” P14

Book details:

Hidden in Christ: Living as God’s beloved
Author: James Bryon Smith
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton 2014
ISBN: 978-0-340-99607-2

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