Author and Missiologist Hugh Halter recently released his newest book “Happy Hour: Etiquette and Advice on Holy Merriment“. I have enjoyed reading and putting into practice Halter’s previous books “Tangible Kingdom”, “Tangible Kingdom Primer” and “Flesh: Bringing the Incarnation Down to Earth.” Given the title and familiarity with his previous work, I was excited to get this book today and devour it in about an hour.

The book is a a quick read, just 58 pages, but gives you further ideas and insight into why and how to practice hospitality in a culture that has become increasingly isolated. No longer is simply inviting others into our lives an easy thing to do for many reasons.

Happy Hour is a very inspiring read with an introduction and five short chapters:

  • Party as Sacrament: The Theology and Missiology of Party This chapter focuses on Jesus and His example. An invitation to stop being religious and live like a missionary.
  • Public House: How to Party at Home This chapter focuses on tips and advice of practicing hospitality with tips to do and not to do in preparation and hosting.
  • Party Favors: It’s 5:00 Somewhere This chapter give examples of options to the kind of party you might throw. While not an exhaustive list the ideas mentioned can get you thinking and can easily be expanded upon.
  • Party Killers: How NOT to Cross the Line At some point the question comes up what about alcohol? Living in Wisconsin this is a staple at most social events here. Halter does well to present a balanced view of how this should be handled.
  • The Last Call: The Best Party I’ve Ever Thrown The last chapter does well to explain the real goal of the party. The goal is a simple relational investment that has the potential to open the door for conversations. Halter’s book Flesh would do well to pick up where this leaves off.

Happy Hour is available in bundles of 5. I purchased several copies for a group of leaders to read through this summer. I love the timing of the release of this book!